(No cost to attend)

Soupe aux pierres

Soupe aux pierres or Stone Soup is a great short children's story about a community coming together to make something great! We're expanding this idea to not only our community but to the smaller communities around us to network together and to truly make something great!

We know you're busy, but believe it or not this is the best time to Network. As we enter into the busy holiday season, we may find ourselves with new or different problems that we may or may not have encountered before. This is where Networking comes in. This is where you make that connection and build that relationship. This is where you may find the solution to your problem.


Why now? Why not in January?

Because it's busy now! Everything is in front of you now. Potential problems and solutions can be found here at this meeting before you forget those items you've been working on and need to execute now!


Breaking Bread

One of the best ways to get to know someone is to break bread with them. Networking is all about getting to know people and adding them to your social contacts. Helping others always ends up helping you in return whether that be now or later.

Where: Hampton Roads Winery

When: 22 OCT 2023, 1 to 3pm

The event is limited to 80 people MAX. We plan on dividing this into 4 categories: County Officials, Suppliers, Retail and Services. When filling out the form below please select which of these business types best represents your business.